Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Panjiri Rolls

"Shaam ki chai (evening tea), is actually an indoor picnic for the Indians." - Joy Clarkson

This is so true! I can recall the typical Indian teas we had at home . There'd be: hot samosas or pakoras (in Rajasthan it was often hot kachoris!), and failing any of these savouries there'd be sandwiches, and a sweet thing like hot jalebis, or cake/pastries/biscuits or anything that took our fancy. And "just in case, you know," (actually I never knew) a bowl of namkeen would be also placed on the table. In India, there are a whole lot of snacky things to choose from to make tea time a picnic.

We really gorge... I can't do any of that now! Every time I have an Indian 'Tea'... I have to skip dinner and also down a glass of fizzy Eno! 'Tea,' these days for me, is just a sobriquet for a cup of hot water infused with a bit of ginger, and a drizzle of honey or azucar rubia, to give it that lovely colour and "fool" me into thinking it's tea!! I do have a 'real' cup of ginger tea with breakfast, though! And occasionally, once in a blue moon, when I'm quite cold literally & figuratively, I do indulge myself with tea (actually)!

Anyway, enough of that. Here's something I did with leftover panjiri - I made Panjiri Rolls! Sounds so good...yes? Actually, it is just a gujiya in another shape...Poof! I deflated my own balloon.
To get the recipe of the Panjiri and the Gujiya dough click here - Keeper Gujiyas

Here are the pictures to get you going:

Deep fry

Enjoy hot, crisp Panjiri Rolls with a cup of tea! And Namkeen..... :)

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