Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roasted Corn-on-the-cob (Butta)

Roasted corn is a very north Indian thing. During season you will find it being made on almost every nook and corner in the Punjab region. Boiled corn with a green hot-sweet-sour chutney poured over it is also popular here.


Maize or ears of many as required.
They should be tender; in the milk stage. The way to check is to press your thumb nail into a kernel and if it is soft and releases a milky substance it's perfect to roast.

Red chilli powder (optional)

The best way to roast corn is on a coal fire. But since that isn't always possible I do it over a gas fire. Peel back the green husk/leaves and do not break them off. Use the leaves as a handle.

Light the gas stove and holding the husk roast the ear of corn over the flame. Keep turning it around so the kernals are roasted not burn.

Slice the lemon into half. Dip into a mixture of salt and chilli powder and gently squeezing the lemon, rub over the hot, roasted ear of corn.

That's it! It's the best thing to have as a snack...or just like that. I like it better than the boiled corn.



  1. Now if only I could grab and eat! I also use chaat masala as a rub.

  2. That's great...I'm going to do that this weekend!


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