Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cashew Chicken Breast

This afternoon I found nice chicken breasts, deboned, in the freezer. Immediately I wanted to make a nice cashew marinade and have the breasts grilled! And the accompaniments were cheesy capsicums (the caps were there and so was the stuff for the filling) and maida lachha parathas. I had to change the original plan when I found the electricity playing hide-and-seek; the chicken had to be pan fried.

Cashew chicken breasts
Cheesy caps
Maida lachcha paratha

Time Saver: Chopped onions, peeled ginger, garlic, pre-marinated chicken, capsicum stuffing

I did not time this, but it gets done very fast, provided you marinate the chicken in the afternoon or an hour or two before dinner.

Tip: Wrap small pieces of chicken in a bit of lettuce to make a small parcel that fits into the mouth comfortably. It is yummy!

Note:  The stuffing in the caps used here was very different from the one used in "Cheesy Caps" given under the label 'Veggies'. I will be giving that separately under "Light Meals" at a later date.


Chicken breasts (boneless)....2, Cashewnut.....4 Tbsps wet ground to a coarse paste, Ginger (finely grated)...1 Tsp, Garlic (crushed)...1 Tsp, Red Chilli pwdr...acc to taste, Cumin pwdr (not roasted cumin)...1 Tsp, Salt to taste, Egg white...1 egg, Corn starch...1 Tsp, olive oil, Lettuce...4 leaves for garnish

Mix everything from cashewnuts to salt to make a marinade. With a sharp knife make two diagonal cuts on both sides of the breasts. (Don't cut too deep, you don't want to cut through to the other side)

Rub the chicken with a bit of olive oil first and then smear it well with the marinade, egg white, corn starch; rubbing it in with your fingers. Keep for an hour or so.

Heat a bit of olive oil in a non-stick fry pan and put in the chicken. Reduce heat to low and cover and allow to simmer. Keep a check on the chicken and turn it over so that both sides are cooked. When a fork goes through smoothly raise the heat, dribble a bit of oil on the chicken and brown on both sides making sure you don't burn it. Serve on a bed of lettuce.

Abbrv: Tsp....Teaspoon, Tbsp....Tablespoon, Pwdr...Powder, Apprx...Approximate


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